Affiliate Program Assessment Service

Policy and Terms

An audit of terms and conditions and policies related to your affiliate marketing programs will be provided

Existing policies and terms will be assessed and improved upon, and policies and terms for new affiliate programs will be custom designed.

Creative content

Successful affiliate marketing requires innovative and efficient use of your creative assets

Provision of a thorough assessment of your creative content such as HTML5 files, images and links is given. Our consultants will then collaborate with you to develop and enhance the content.

Landing Pages

An audit of your existing landing pages

And advice about how to improve them or create new effective landing pages will be provided.

Competition Review

Our technology and contacts give us the opportunity to look into your competition regarding other affiliate marketing programs

Making comparisons enables us to give you a good idea of where you are at and what you can do to improve.

Affiliate application, acceptance and termination

By looking into what you have already put in place in terms of applications, acceptance and termination

We can find areas where you may be missing necessary processes and ensure that everything is in order.

Prevent non-compliance

We have extensive experience in identifying areas of non-compliance and fraud

We can both assess any existing difficulties and work with you to avoid falling prey to this in the future.

Finding Affiliates

Our experience and networks enable us to connect you with affiliates

And advise you on how to make contact with new affiliates for yourself.

Getting things moving

Our expertise will help you to learn

How to ensure your affiliates do not get stuck, keep moving and deliver more efficiently and dynamically.

Expansion of Channels

We will assess your existing marketing channels

And demonstrate how you can expand these channels, giving you more scope to diversify.

Expanding Your Markets

Most companies are keen to expand their markets

We can give you the expertise and know-how in order to make this a reality.

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