Personalized Affiliate Management Consultation Service

Our consultation service could be just what your business needs to make affiliate marketing really work for you

We don’t just assess your affiliate marketing status, get you going with new affiliates and leave you to it; instead, we provide ongoing support and communication to ensure that your affiliate strategies are performing to their full capacity and excellent progress is being made as a result.

Whether you are starting a new affiliate marketing program or your existing affiliate strategies are not producing the desired results, we can get things moving with our expertise, experience and contacts.

We at Amdialogue affiliate marketing agency
will work together with you on all
the key aspects of affiliate marketing
necessary to grow your business

We recruit appropriate affiliates well-matched to your product or service; get your affiliates activated, ensure compliance from your affiliates; provide continuous assessment and evaluation of your affiliate progress and communicate with you every step of the way to bring in any new measures needed to enhance performance.

We have broken down some of the key components of our management program below to give you a more in-depth picture of what you will receive from our consultation

Affiliate Recruitment

Using our knowledge of affiliate partnerships from other clients for whom we consult as well as their competitors, and by pro-actively identifying and sourcing new affiliates well-suited to our clients’ needs, affiliate recruitment is at the core of our management strategy.

Developing and Enhancing Affiliate Relationships

We strive to increase the performance of your existing affiliates. Where affiliate marketing strategies are not delivering despite your best efforts, we have the tools and skills to turn this situation around. Using various motivation strategies and personising our approach so that it specifically works for the type and size of affiliate used, we can get you out of the frustrating stagnation that so often occurs in affiliate marketing.

Monitoring, Reporting and Communication

In order for affiliate performance to grow, it is of upmost importance to monitor progress, identify areas where there is underperformance and why in order to address the relevant issues, as well as to identify aspects which are successful so as to build on them. Our advanced software and platform technology provide you with the metrics and data you need in order to make this a reality, and our knowledge and skills in this area means that we can help and advise you along the way. Communication throughout is guaranteed.

Developing Policy and Ensuring Compliance Policing

Policy and Terms of Service are often a sticking point for companies working with affiliates and non-compliance is a common issue. We establish and enforce aspects of policy and policing to alleviate any concerns you may have in this arena.

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