Comprehensive Affiliate Program Management Service

Our comprehensive affiliate program management service provides our clients with individualised management of their affiliate requirements on an ongoing basis

One of our highly experienced consultants will work together with you on your programs, communicating and collaborating, assessing areas of strength and development and regularly evaluating strategy to ensure increased efficiency, progress and success.

Recruitment of Affiliates

It is crucial that you are utilizing the most appropriate affiliates for your brand or company.

With an extensive existing affiliate database and the capacity and contacts to recruit new affiliates that are the perfect match for your business, the ideal partnerships will be formed and maintained. We use knowledge of effective existing affiliate relationships and a variety of tried and tested strategies, software and platforms, as well as looking into your target audience and products and marketing channels fitting to your brand or business.

Dynamic Affiliates

By utilizing sophisticated analysis and software, we have the capacity to transform affiliates which are not moving as they should be and providing the desired results, into dynamic, efficient affiliates.

Performance is dramatically enhanced in this often problematic area, to ensure that affiliates which have become stuck begin to reach their potential and provide positive measurable results.

Avoiding Non-compliance

Lack of compliance among affiliates is a common problem.

Implementing and enforcing compliance policies and terms, we can administrate, monitor and police compliance to a much higher degree when acting alone. Issues related to theft or use of your content and traffic, cybersquatting, overwriting of cookies and non-compliance in terms of disclosure will be identified and addressed.

Collaborative Working

Our service is based strongly on a collaborative approach

Your designated affiliate marking consultant will ensure regular high-quality communication with both you and your affiliate partners, keeping you up-to-date on developments and working with your changing needs and objectives.

Development and Expansion

Rather than setting up affiliate marketing programs with our clients and just letting them run, our aim is to work together with our clients to assure constant growth and development.

With our service, the utilization of affiliates will provide continuous expansion for your business.

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