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Vili Väre – Affiliate Marketing Guru at W-Affiliate.com

Vili Väre has been an affiliate marketer since 2008, he was just 16 years old. Now his name is a well-known in the Affiliate marketing industry in Finland. His special skills are SEM and SEO. As an Affiliate, he has worked in the financial, retail and travel verticals with content sites and paid search engine marketing. And recently he founded his own network – W-Affiliate.com. Read the interview and find out more about Vili.

1. Vili, please tell us about your background. What was your first experience of making money online?

I am a self-taught professional affiliate. I have been an affiliate publisher since 2008. I have also worked for 4,5 years for Vili Vare - the owner of the W-Affiliate.com network.one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe.

My first experience of making money from online business was when I got my first cheque from Google AdSense. A bit later, I was with my family on vacation in Crete, Greece. There, I came up with the idea of making a travel guide website for Crete. I also created a last-minute travel search engine, which ranked well in Google and was profitable.

2. What businesses are you running at the moment? As I know, you were planning to  launch your own affiliate network in January 2016. Could you tell us more about this project?

During the last two years, I have worked for my good friend’s digital business consultancy, Omni Partners. I help our clients increase sales using affiliate and search engine marketing. In addition, I have kept myself busy with my affiliate publisher activities and my own affiliate network project.

Creating my own affiliate network has been my long-standing dream, so launching W-Affiliate.com is really a dream come true. Our main verticals are finance, retail/shopping and travel. We will first launch W-Affiliate.com in Finland in January, and a bit later in the rest of Europe.

3. You were an Affiliate Manager at TradeTracker network as far as I know. What are your secrets of managing affiliate programs for top brands around the world?

TradeTracker was a good school for me to learn more about the affiliate industry. It was great to follow the network’s journey as it grew to be the market leader in Finland.

The most important thing is to understand the advertiser’s business and goals. The secret of my success is probably the fact that I have also acted as a publisher, and I personally know many other publishers very well.

4. What offers did you promote as a publisher? What are the great areas (niches) for affiliate marketers to make money nowadays?

I’ve mainly been a SEM publisher. I have bought traffic from Google to my websites or directly to the advertisers’ website. I have a lot of travel-related websites, but my most profitable ones have been those related to payday loans. Currently, casino affiliate programs seem to be popular.

5. What do you think makes a great affiliate program (rates, network, managers)?

Here are my best pieces of advice for affiliate programs and affiliate program managers:

– Be active and try to build good relationships with your publishers

– Commissions and landing page’s conversion rate need to be competitive

– Plan and write your program’s rules clearly and accurately

– Be honest: don’t try to cheat or mislead publishers

6. What online marketing tools do you use to grow your business?

I don’t use a lot of tools as affiliate publisher. Among the most important ones have been Google Search Console, Analytics and SEMrush. One of my favorite tools worth mentioning is LuckyOrange.com, which I use for example for ad placement.

7. How do you see the future of the affiliate industry?

Mobile has grown and will keep on growing enormously, so it will definitely create new opportunities for marketers, publishers and advertisers alike. In the future, the affiliate market will surely continue to grow and expand, particularly in Asia.

8. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

It is difficult to distinguish between work and leisure time, because my best friends all work in the industry. In the summer, I try to find time to play golf 3–4 times a week.

Interview with Marketing Expert – Alexander Tsatkin, The Angry Russian

Alexander Tsatkin has over 10 years of experience in performance marketing from all sides of the industry, starting from Market Research Analyst, SEO expert, affiliate, advertiser, CEO, and now, as an Investor and Co-Founder of Leadtopia.

Alexander Tsatkin is intelligent, sensible, stubborn, and has a desire to help others. He is always ready to move forward as well as investing 100% of his energy towards any project he is working on.

When I asked him to answer several questions about affiliate marketing, he gladly accepted. I’m happy to post his interview on my blog. Please continue reading, and you will dip into the fascinating history of his life.

1. I know you as an affiliate marketing expert, and I’m sure many people know about your business success. I would like you to share the full story of your career growth with my readers. Please tell us about your industry background. Also, why are you referred to as “The Angry Russian”?

I started in marketing as a Market Research Analyst for a large multi national company. While there, I realized that the internet would let you track behavior like never before. I switched to digital marketing and moved to San Francisco as an SEO expert. In SF I discovered affiliate marketing and left full time employment to try and make it as an entrepreneur.  Through networking and Tracking202 Meetups I was introduced to paid traffic. Once I got the hang of the business I started to travel and live the typical affiliate lifestyle. I met many otAlexander Tsatkin, The Angry Russian. her affiliates including Mr Green who came up with the nickname Angry Russian when I asked to guest blog on his site. After a few years there was something missing. I wanted to build something tangible instead of simply doing arbitrage. Smart phones were just starting to explode and I knew there had to be away to make money from their adoption using affiliate marketing. I build Mobaff with a simple goal of cracking mobile for affiliates. We built training, tracking, and affiliate network from this work. We were acquired in 2013 by Matomy Media group. Since then I’ve worked on a few projects.

2. Why did you decide to quit your job and become an affiliate marketer? Why didn’t you combine the 2 jobs in order for you to earn more money?

I’m just a stubborn person who doesn’t like to be told what to do, so working for someone else never suited me. I was always looking for a way to make a living without having to answer to someone else. Affiliate marketing was something I discovered that allowed me to do that, so it was a clear choice.

3. Your affiliate network, MobAff, was acquired by Matomy Media Group in 2013. Is there any reason why you decided to sell it? Did you have assumptions that all your employees could be fired, including you?

I decided to sell because I wanted to go through the process of an acquisition. Through selling I learned a lot about my business and what others look for when buying. Most of my employees, myself included, were affiliates at one point so the fear of losing a job didn’t worry us.

4. When you received the offer from Matomy, what was your first reaction or thought? Why did they choose your company among other mobile trackers?

I was actively trying to sell the company. At the time I had big ambitions and believed being part of a larger entity would allow me to carve out a larger position in the market. The selling process is not as simple as receiving an offer. There are many steps involved from term sheets, letter of intent, due diligence, negotiations, contract reviews, etc. When I received the final contract signed and payment I was simply relieved that a six month arduous process was over. At the time there were not as many mobile focused performance companies so I think Matomy wanted to really push hard into mobile and this was part of their strategy.

5. Now that you do not work at MobAff anymore. Do you still monitor its development on a regular basis? Do they still ask for your expert advice?

No. Once the acquisition happened we worked to integrate into Matomy. Once that process was complete there wasn’t much left for me to do.

6. If you had a chance to repeat your business path, would you have changed something? 

I try not to live in the world of “what if” as the only true choice we have is in the present. At the time I made the best choice with all the information I had.

7. What motivates you to create new businesses, to invest in different companies, and to grow personally?

I’m a student of life who enjoys new challenges and frontiers.

 Alexander Tsatkin, The Angry Russian

8. To my knowledge, you have invested in 2 companies: AdWill and HyperTarget Marketing. Why did you choose them and what influenced your decision?

Adwill had a very interesting challenge in trying to use machine learning to automate media buying in the mobile RTB space. HyperTarget Marketing was one of the early Pay Per Call networks and it was clear that there was room to grow.

9. Can you please tell us about your current company – Leadtopia? What is the main purpose of creating it? Leadtopia is currently 10 months old, what success have you achieved through it? Have you been able to get enough clients?

I started Leadtopia with my business partner when we decided to get into solar lead generation. We had to learn how lead generation worked including the technical side, the demand and supply, and marketing. Our biggest achievement was to figure out how to drive volume without hurting quality of the leads. Another accomplishment was closing the biggest buyer and solar installer in the US.

10. You’ve been on both sides of affiliate marketing: as an affiliate, and as an affiliate manager. How should they be combined in order to achieve a huge profit? Do you have any success story to share with my readers?

The key to being a good affiliate manager is to understand what kind of affiliate you’re working with. There are the beginners who need more hands on and the more advanced affiliates who know what they want. In both cases listen to your affiliates and their needs and push them offers accordingly. Over time you will develop loyal affiliates as long as they feel like you’re in their corner instead of just another AM pushing whatever the latest fad is. I’ve always invested in my affiliate base at MobAff and there was nothing more gratifying then seeing affiliates grow their business over time. My favorite thing to hear was “thanks to you I quit my job”.

Alexander Tsatkin, The Angry Russian.

Zac Johnson - a supper affiliate, blogger and entrepreneur

Affiliate Blogger Zac Johnson Has Proved that Blogging is a Great Way to Make Money Online

Zac Johnson is one of the well-known leaders in the blogging and internet marketing sphere. A self taught entrepreneur, Zac’s been making money online for nearly 20 years and has been fully involved in affiliate and online marketing.

Zac continues to focus on his blog where he provides readers with his experiences, ups and downs. Through his popular blogs, bloggingtips.com and zacjohnson.com, he has helped thousands of readers grow their brands and make money online.

Read Zac’s interview below and find out how to grow your own online brand because a blog can open many doorways to some great opportunities!

1. You are a self-taught entrepreneur and have been making money online for over 15 years. Tell us please about your first business experience and how it grew into earning money online.

It’s been a fun ride and roughly 20 years in the making. You can see some of my first affiliates checks and read up on my full story at my blog, but in short, it was all about a having a business and entrepreneur mindset from an early age. Fortunately the internet started to get big while I was in high school and it became my main focus. From there I just kept figuring out new ways to make money and found the most success with affiliate marketing, which I still focus on today.

2. Why did you decide to become affiliate manager instead of being just an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses in the world because you don’t need to hold any inventory, deal with customers or process orders. Instead you can build out web sites or high traffic ad campaigns and send users to sites where they can purchase something or complete a specific task. As an affiliate you are then paid for each specified task that takes place. This worked out especially well when I was still in high school, as I was only around 15 years old.

3. Why didn’t you set up your in-house affiliate program than advertised in Commission Junction, WebSponsors, ShareaSale, DirectLeads, FineClicks and others?

I actually did setup my own affiliate network, but I quickly shut it down because I realized I didn’t want to deal with affiliates, merchants, lead management and payment process. I was one of the first individuals to get setup with the DirectTrack system back in the day. Still glad with the decision I made to stick with my own brand and be a one-man operation.

4. You were a Speaker at Affiliate Summit. What was your topic there? Why is it important to take part at Affiliate Summit? Do you make a lot of contacts after every Affiliate Summit Conference?

Yes, I just got back from Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. It was another great event and probably my 15th+ time attending the event. I’ve been attending anZac Johnson on Affiliate Summitd speaking at them since they first started back in 2004 (some history of affiliate summit). I definitely recommend everyone try to attend Affiliate Summit or any type of marketing conference in their area, as it’s one of the best ways to grow your business, put your name out there and create some new opportunities for yourself.

5. You have a lot of experience in blogging that helped you to built up your “business name”. And in 2012 you released your first book on Amazon.com called “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger“. Are you planning to write a book about affiliate marketing or making money online? I guess you already have some ideas or notes, actually your blogs are great sources to start writing a book.

The main focus now is on blogging.org, which is a complete resource for helping others get started with a blog, brand and business online. Books are fun, but I personally don’t like to read that much, so I might come out with another… but it’s not a big thing on my list to accomplish. Through blogging.orgbloggingtips.com and zacjohnson.com I have over 4,000 written articles, resources and guides — that is where my information gets shared the most and actually helps people out. Books are more of a branding play.

6. What do you think the key features should affiliate managers know to set the bases for a successful affiliate strategy?

Affiliate managers need to build personal relationships and do better than the competition (support, pay, offers etc). Bottom line… it’s that easy and effective. Networks need to stop saying “best payouts, best offers”… because its way too overplayed.

7. What changes in online marketing, especially in affiliate marketing, do you observe over the years?

Every once in a while there is a wave of affiliate products or methods being used to get people to sign up for offers that is a bit shady. I like to stick with real offers, products and customers — this way you can stand the test of time. There are a lot of ways to make quick money, but if you want to make real money, find a legitimate business solution.

8. How do you see the future of affiliate marketing?

For the most part, it will remain the same. However, what will change is the way content and customers are delivered/acquired. For example… first it was all websites. Then social media. Now it’s all about mobile. Keep an eye on industry trends to see what is working, then apply it to your business.

9. Would you change something in your life if you have a chance? Maybe you would choose another direction in the business.

You learn from all of your mistakes, but an easy answer to this would be to have purchased a ton of domain names back in the 90s when I was first getting started. I’m sure I could have purchased numerous domains that would have sold for six to seven figures today.

10. What is your favourite activity you love do in your free time?

I love playing basketball. I get to play a few hours every other day in the mornings with a bunch of friends at the local gym. Another wonderful perk of working for yourself!

AM Dialogue congratulate with Merry Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas brings family and friends together, it helps us appreciate the love in our lives. During this season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. May all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.
Hope your Christmas is warm and sweet! I’m pretty sure, you’ve worked hard this year, so enjoy this time to relax and recover.

Merry Christmas!


Ian Fernando - affiliate marketer

Authoritative Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, Entrepreneur – Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando is an affiliate marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, speaker and traveller. His blog IanFernando.com reflects who Ian Fernando is as a person. He talks there about online marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, gives advice to online entrepreneur and different aspects of his life. Now he is running a handful of businesses, products and services of his own. Ian enjoys the benefits of being his own boss and traveling the world!

Ian answered my questions despite being busy with AffiliateWorld Conference in Asia and other stuff. So I am very happy that he could devote some time for this interview. I hope many of you feel inspired to start your own affiliate campaigns after reading the post.

Ian Fernando - affiliate marketer

1. Please give our readers a brief history of your past and how you started making money online.

I have started in online marketing back in 2005, just trying to get rid of 2 out of 3 jobs I had that time. The goal was to have just 1 job and have a regular 9-5. I then realized that I can probably knock out the other job if I try even harder. I did.

I started with eBay which grew to a great business. I had vendors wanting to order in bulk of items I bought at flea markets. Problem: I couldn’t handle the customer support in the right way. Ok no problem, I slowed that business down and started an info product business, again the problem is customer support. At this time I still had 2 jobs and didn’t have the time to dedicate to customers, I had to find a way to make money online with out brands, customers, owning a product – I found affiliate marketing.

2. You are a well-known blogger, an affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur. What do you do now? What projects are you running?

Currently I have some investments in other online properties, I also own my own products, I am starting a SaaS company, and the last 2 are my web hosting and outsource services. I am doing a lot of a lot I guess you can say.

3. What affiliate models do you use to drive traffic? Do you have an experience working with CPA networks? What networks work the best for you?

I use the top 2 engines, Google and Facebook. I started on the big G and continue to work with the big G still. I do not do much Facebook but I have worked with it. I am now exploring some other new sources of traffic that is becoming a huge trend and that is native ads.

It would be interesting to see how native ads are similar or different compared to Google.

I do CPA marketing, but since I have my own products I run traffic to them internally. I do not work with networks currently, in the past I usually try to go direct as possible and work with the advertiser to form a partnership.

4. How to select the right affiliate offer among many of them and make it profitable?

You can’t each offer reacts differently to each traffic or your current traffic. I’ve tested/rotated offers on the same traffic where one was doing great ROI but the other had slightly lower. You can’t just choose the right offer, you have to test.

But the niches are all base on what you want to do. I usually do high competitive evergreen niches.

Making it profitable is base on the marketing you are applying. Are you testing the traffic? testing demos? testing color pages? testing landing page styles? etc. Making it profitable is all base on your testing skills.

5. What was the biggest challenge you have ever faced as an affiliate marketer?

The ever changing in the industry and the evolution of it. The industry changes a lot. Traffic rules, Traffic algorithms, New traffic keeps coming up to test. FTC updates on how to properly advertise. Change is always happening and trying to keep up can be the most tiring part of the the online industry as it is still young. As it is being curated every year, every month, every day – we just have to adjust and evolve with it.

6. What niches do you work with at the moment? What niche generates the most earnings?

Any evergreen niches – health, wealth, sex (dating, pickup, etc).

7. What sources (blogs, forums, magazines, etc.) do you read every day to get knowledge about affiliate marketing?

I read the STM forum a lot. I try to keep up with the industry there. I read affposts.com for marketing related blogs.

8. Do you think social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) has any advantages for online marketers?

Yes. When you want to grow a brand these items are crucial. They represent social proof of your business and what you are selling online.

9. What advice can you give to a newbie in the affiliate marketing?

Make mistakes, take risks and always see everything you do in a positive mind. Perspective is all about your thoughts. If you don’t think in negative views then life becomes easy. Marketing takes a lot of creativity, so always be inspired. View faults as positive vibes. Making mistakes is the only way to gain experiences to be a boss!

Ian Fernando - affiliate marketer

10. What do you love to do in your free time? Does it help you to rest from work?

I like to cook, travel, and stay fit. These are my peace zones I say. Keeps me sane from all the work I am doing.

KJ Rocker, affiliate marketer, SEO Expert, CPA MArketing Mentor

Khawar Jamil – CEO at Kj Rocker F.Z.E

‘I am first of all a geek and after that I am a full time Internet Marketer, Website Developer, Search Engine Optimization Expert, Internet Marketing Consultant and Online Business Analyst, CPA Marketing Mentor. And a long list of services in fact.’ – Khawar Jamil wrote about himself on his blog http://www.kjrocker.com. KJ shared his life journey, so be sure to read through all his answers.

1. Please tell my readers about yourself and your occupation. What did inspire you to start a blogger career?

My name is Khawar Jamil Ur Rasool, A.K.A Kj Rocker, I am a performance marketer from Dubai. My company is called Kj Rocker F.Z.E and I I have been also involved in affiliate marketing for the last 4 years. Alongside this, I also write for my blog www.KjRocker.com which is about affiliate marketing and online advertising. I share different tips and tricks with my readers to help them maximize profits from their affiliate marketing campaigns and online advertising.

What inspired me to start the blog was the fact that I’ve always liked sharing what I do with other people. I love to document my journey, experiences. I started to do this on the Warrior Forum, however, I noticed I needed some place where I could have more control over things I write about and some platform on which I could share all the info I wanted without any moderation trouble. So there it began, I decided to create a blog where I can share my experiences freely without fearing a ban hammer from a random moderator who doesn’t even know anything about the topic.

2. Could you share some niches you work (and worked) with? What products bring you big money?

Well I run CPA offers so there are plenty of them, however, lead generation offers and financial niches have proven to be very lucrative for me. Also as the holiday season is coming up, I hope to promote seasonal travel offers.

3. I know that you work 10-12 hours a day. How does your working day look like?

That is a great question as usually people consider affiliate marketing or online businesses generally as a push button formula. We people DO work full time like any other business person. However, working online does provide us freedom. For example, we can work whenever we want and from where ever we want. Normally if I stay at home my daily routine is to have breakfast and after that I discuss the daily goals with my team ( I have a team of full time employees working for me remotely ) and after that I take an hourly break in the afternoon when I have lunch and work on my campaigns till the evening. After that I hit a nearby beach where I spend most of my evenings enjoying a cup of coffee while I try to connect with other people from the industry to discuss our campaigns and help out other people. Otherwise I love to travel and explore new places like at the time of writing this I am traveling to another city and at the same time getting my work done.

4. If a newbie affiliate wants to get started with affiliate marketing with a minimum budget, what could you advice him? What his first steps should be?

I personally believe there is nothing like “a minimum budget” which matters but you should have determination in yourself to do something and get something done. I know we might find many people crying about low or no budget but personally to me? It’s another excuse to not taking action. My advice to the newbies is to get ready to accept failure and also get ready to own them. Learn something out of your failures. There is no business in the world which doesn’t involve risk, in fact life itself is a risk. So my advice to newbies is to take action and fail again and again and be consistent, that’s what will make you a winner. If you do not have a budget to start with as free traffic methods, create your own path and get things done.

For paid traffic a minimum budget I recommend is around $ 1500 – $2500 but again if you don’t have that much budget don’t use it as an excuse, build it!

Take me for example, I come from a very remote village of Pakistan where we used to stay on (tats) floor mats. No one had an idea about computers or the internet! When I started I had totally zero budget but I worked on free traffic to build up my budget. I did freelance work as well and made a budget for my campaigns. If I can do it, trust me anyone can do it, just be determined and positive.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to face in business?

When I started off I was working form Pakistan, so the Cash Flow was the biggest problem. It was really hard to get payments on time and Pakistan has got the bad reputation, that was a big hurdle in my way. So I decided to migrate to the UAE where I started my business to solve these problems.

Relating to the present time, I must admit I have become even lazier. Since I started hiring other people to work with me… I started forgetting coding etc. Apart form that, our industry keeps evolving… so in order to stay one step ahead we have to keep on learning new trends that can be very challenging sometimes.

6. What tools do you use to manage all your marketing campaigns?

Well for marketing campaigns I use plenty of tools. First of all for hosting the campaigns I use Beyond Hosting and Name Hero hosting, they are the two services I have been using for years now and their support is very top notch. Apart from that, for tracking purposes I still rely mostly on CPVLAB, even though there are some other good competitors out there, I prefer using CPVLAB over them. For Keeping an eye on competition I use What Runs Where for PPC campaigns, Box of Ads and LolMonies for PPV campaigns and for Facebook campaigns I really like Peerfly affiliate manager Luke’s tool called FP Traffic. On my blog I recommend the services to my readers which I personally use and most of those services have exclusive discounts for my readers as well.

7. In what ways are you using social media? Do you set up goals for running social media campaigns?

I run social media specially Facebook for lead generation. Normally I build up fan pages, create engaging content to get the most reach and then drive traffic to my campaigns. Having goals is a must in all kinds of campaigns.

8. Do you work with CPA Networks? What 3 networks can you name that work for you?

Yes, I still work with CPA Networks, however I work with networks based on an offer. For example, if I need some offer, I will look for the networks having that specific offer and go with the one having the best conversion rate. I am working with almost all of the networks, its really hard to point out a few of them however Maxbounty, w4 and Peerfly have got good variety of offers.

9. What do you do to be a successful affiliate and keep this level for several years already?

I believe in building long term income streams, building campaigns which can yield the results in the long term and for that purpose I not only create my own products but also funnels where I promote multiple products. I also believe in diversity and as an example at Kj Rocker F.Z.E we are working with a few local companies, providing them digital marketing and lead generation services. Moving away from traditional affiliate marketing and offering digital marketing services to the public, from big companies to small set ups, keeping it diverse.

10. How do you spend your leisure time?

I love traveling and visiting new places, Also I love watching documentaries and learning history. I am a very curious kind of a person and also want to know the background of everything I am up against. My curiosity has helped me a lot in my personal life and business but it has also has got me in trouble many times as well. Ha Ha!