Interview with Meredith Jenners, CEO at Merit Digital LLC

Meredith’s experience in the industry dates back to 2002, when she started media buying for a local South Florida advertising agency representing Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group and Capella University. More than 1 year ago, Meredith started her own company Merit Digital.

Utilizing over 15 years of online media buying experience, Merit Digital can offer expertise in CPA, CPC and CPM media buying for email marketing, display, native ads, social media, mobile marketing, co-registration, pay-per-call and incentive marketing.

I know Meredith and she has great knowledge of online marketing industry. She always cares about her clients. Don’t waste time and contact her if you need any marketing consultation.

1. Meredith, please tell my readers how you got your start in the online marketing world.

I started back in 2004 at a company called TheUseful, where I did all of the online media buying for their promotional offers. I managed both the CPM and CPA media buys until 2013.

2. What did lead you to a current position as an Owner of Merit Digital?

I realized after over 11 years in the online marketing industry that I could start my own media company. I really like working directly with advertisers to help them optimize their campaigns, landing pages and media buys to find the right consumer.

3. Is it difficult to build your own trusted brand and engage affiliates and advertisers to your network?

I have so many close friends in the affiliate world that have helped me out. Through those relationships, that I spent the last 11 years creating, I have received some great referrals which has lead Merit Digital to the success it is today.

4. As I know, you work only with publishers who have email traffic. Where did you get all their contact? How did you engage them to work with you? Because Merit Digital is still a new company, it’s only 1 year on the market.

I actually work with email, mobile, display and social publishers. My past experience and through several trade shows and referrals is how I have cultivated my relationships.

5. Why do you use mostly email traffic? Do you think it still works as good as it was before?

Email is still a very effective medium for advertisers because of its targeting and relevancy.

6. What do you think makes a great affiliate network?

I do not consider Merit Digital an affiliate network. We are more of a media company, working directly with advertisers, consulting them on their business and buying media on their behalf. That being said, I think honesty, trust and paying on time are vital to the survival of any company. I have found that many advertisers work with me because I am transparent with them on traffic sources and I give them my honest opinion about each one. I also make sure that I pay all of my publishers on time, which is rare in today’s current marketplace.

7. Your business takes a lot of your time at the moment. Do you have free time? How do you spend it?

Merit Digital takes up a lot of my time, however I also write fiction novels in my spare time. It started as a hobby but has become a real passion for me.